Misc. Graphic Design

After I had a finalized rough draft, I scanned a simple sharpie outline sketch onto the computer. I opened it in Illustrator and created the final piece to the right.

Lastly, I photoshopped the hand lettered work onto two different Free People tops (specifically the We The Free Circle In The Sand Tee and the Big Dipper Oversized Tee). I love the loose, effortlessly chic cuts of the shirts and how the wording looks on them.

C’est la Vie Hand Lettering

First, I thought of my demographic (young females), what I wanted the design printed on (tops), and what saying I wanted to draw (C’est la Vie). I sketched some thumbnails of how I wanted “C’est la Vie” to be expressed. The saying is a French verse that means “That’s life.” For me, I saw the words flowing, care free, and vibrant. I decided on a ribbon like appearance and light pink color.

Student Success Poster Series I designed this 3 poster series for a community college Student Success campaign. I chose bright, unisex colors that would catch students' attention while walking to class and images that could relate to every age, and every gender as well as to all majors. The poster series was inspired by a Coke poster series. For the project, I was suppoed to find a poster and recreate it with my own twist.

Chipotle Cranberry Chicken Wrap – Recipe Illustration Here is an assignment I did while enrolled in an Illustrator course. Filled with chipotle and cranberries, the original recipe is very flavorful. I was inspired by the bursts of different flavors. I created a warm sky to represent the heat of the chipotle and swirling waves to represent the refreshingl effect of the cranberries.

Piece was published by They Cook and Draw: http://www.theydrawandcook.com/recipes/chipotle-cranberry-chicken-wrap-by-shelly-stuckman

Star Fall CD Design Here is a fictional CD design that I did for a Graphic Design 2 assignment at Yavapai College. I used photos from the Miss Pop L’Oreal campaign featuring the model Barbara Palvin. For the song titles, I either made them up or picked some off of my iPod. I personally love pop music with an alternative, cool vibe, so I imagined this artist to be cutting edge and bold to stand out in the pop industry. Enjoy!

Vogue Playing Cards For a class assignment, I designed Vogue inspired playing card. The photos I found online. I used Coco Rocha (a top model) in a stunning blue patterned infront of a bold V and above the iconic Vogue logo as the back design. For the Queen, I used the editor-in-chief Anna Wintour. On the number cards, I used an image of a beautiful broach.

Geometric Pattern Design