Advertising & Misc. Graphic Design

Star Fall CD Design
Here is a fictional CD design that I did for a Graphic Design 2 assignment at Yavapai College. I used photos from the Miss Pop L’Oreal campaign featuring the model Barbara Palvin. For the song titles, I either made them up or picked some off of my iPod. I personally love pop music with an alternative, cool vibe, so I imagined this artist to be cutting edge and bold to stand out in the pop industry. Enjoy!

Vogue Playing Cards
For a class assignment, I designed Vogue inspired playing card. The photos I found online. I used Coco Rocha (a top model) in a stunning blue patterned infront of a bold V and above the iconic Vogue logo as the back design. For the Queen, I used the editor-in-chief Anna Wintour. On the number cards, I used an image of a beautiful broach.